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Guesthouse Policies

These Guesthouse Policies are considered a part of our reservation agreement with you. By booking, you agree to abide by all of our Guesthouse Policies, terms and conditions, and procedures.



Please note that the Front Desk is generally open from 10:00 until 20:00 during summertime (May – September) and from 12:00 until 20:00 during wintertime (October – April). At our discretion, we might close the Front Desk earlier than 20:00 or alter the working hours.






Check-in time is from 15:00 until 20:00. Should you fail to arrive and check in by 20:00 when the Front Desk closes, your reservation will be marked and charged as a no-show.



    Exceptionally, it might be possible to arrange a later check-in for an additional fee of 20 EUR per waiting hour per room. However, the Front Desk must confirm this before arrival. Contact the property in advance to inquire if it’s possible to collect the keys after 20:00.



    Arrivals before 15:00 are always on request and subject to availability, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please make sure to contact us before your arrival date to ensure a smooth check-in.


Upon arrival at our guesthouse you will be asked to provide identification (Identity Card / Passport / Driver’s License) for each person staying overnight, minors included. Please be aware that it’s not possible to collect the keys without providing identification for each person staying overnight.



Check-out is up to 11:00. However, if you need a later check-out, contact us before arrival, or during your stay, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If a later check-out should not be possible, you are welcome to leave your luggage at the Front Desk and retrieve it at a later time.





We will do our best to honour special requests (such as a specific floor or room number, extra beds, crib, etc.) upon arrival. However, we cannot guarantee in advance the availability of these items.





Because Galeria River is located in Ljubljana’s historical centre, a car-free zone, we do not own a parking area. However, parking is possible on the streets and parking spaces nearby.


The nearest secured parking space is just 250 m away from Galeria River – NUK II. It is located on Emonska street by the Square Of The French Revolution, close to the National and University Library. Parking costs 1,20 EUR/hour (day tariff from 7h to 22h) and 1,80 EUR/night (night tariff from 22h to 7h).


Parking is also possible on the streets of Ljubljana. Grudnovo nabrežje is approximately 400m away from Galeria River, by the banks of the Ljubljanica river. It costs 0,50 EUR/hour/max 6 hours (day tariff from 7h to 19h) and, it is free on Saturdays and Sundays. If you will be parking on the streets, please do so only on white marked parking spots and not on the blue or yellow ones. Furthermore, please note that street parking does not allow full payment in advance, but has to be renewed every day.






For the safety of all guests, please note that the general occupancy of each of our rooms is 1-2 persons per room. A maximum of 4 guests is permitted to stay in a Double Room with the addition of extra beds. A maximum of 2 guests is permitted to stay in all other room categories. We reserve the right to vacate from our premises non-registered guest(s) and/or any additional guest(s) exceeding the maximum occupancy allowed for that room type.



All children up to 2 years old stay free of charge when using the existing bedding or baby crib. All children from 3 to 11 years old pay an additional 15,00 EUR/child/night when using the existing bedding or an extra bed. Individuals above the age of 12 are considered adults by our guesthouse. An adult person in a room is charged 30,00 EUR/night when using the existing bedding or an extra bed.


Occupancy and extra bed rates might deviate from our standard basic prices during certain times of the year or during particular events. During such times all children from 3 to 11 years old might pay up to an additional 30,00 EUR/child/night when using the existing bedding or an extra bed. An adult person in a room might pay up to 50,00 EUR/night when using the existing bedding or an extra bed.


These costs are not calculated in the room rate and will be charged extra.



The maximum capacity of extra beds in a Double Room is 2. The maximum capacity of baby cribs in a room is 1. Any extra bed or baby crib is upon request and must be confirmed by our guesthouse. Baby cribs are allowed in all room types except for the Economy Double Room. Reservations of extra beds and/or baby cots must be arranged before arrival and are only final when confirmed by our guesthouse.


In principle, all rooms come with double beds for double or single use. However twin-bedded rooms are also available with the addition of an extra bed, on request. Please note that reservations of twin-bedded rooms are only final when confirmed by our guesthouse.






Upon booking, no deposit will be charged. We will ask for your credit card details only as a guarantee, to perform a pre-authorisation anytime before the arrival date. You will pay the total cost of your reservation at our guesthouse, upon arrival. We accept the following payment methods on-site: cash, credit cards (Visa or MasterCard), and debit cards (Maestro, BA, Karanta).



    Pre-authorisation is a type of credit check. We use it to ensure that the credit card is valid and that there are sufficient funds to cover all or part of the reservation costs. With the pre-authorisation, the amount of the reservation is »held« as unavailable for a certain period. Please note that the pre-authorisation amount is not held by our property or by our authorising bank but it’s held on your card by your issuing bank. The amount is released automatically by the online payment processor after a maximum of 7 days. However, the actual release period can take anywhere longer. If the amount is not released within 10 days, you will need to contact your home issuing bank. No reservations shall be fully confirmed without a pre-authorisation as a proper guarantee. If you do not possess a credit card, we can alternatively prepare a pro forma invoice and send it to you via e-mail. In this case, the payment is made by bank transfer before your arrival.



Payment of the full amount of the reservation will be completed in advance, at the time of booking. Upon arrival, you will be given an invoice for your stay.



    The advance payment does not include the tourist tax, which you will pay separately upon arrival.



Please note that all advance payments are final. Should you decide to cancel your booking and/or other related services within the penalty-free period, no refund shall be issued. Instead, our guesthouse will issue a Credit Voucher for you to use on future reservations. The Credit Voucher is valid for reservations made at any property managed by Burja Hotels. The Credit Voucher is valid up to 12 months from the date of issue.





The room rate includes lodging and is exclusive of the tourist (city) tax, which should be paid upon arrival. Additional amenities and services are available at extra cost unless specified otherwise in our Special Offers terms.


The tourist tax is 3,13 EUR/person/night. Children from 7 to 18 years of age are entitled to a 50% discount and pay 1,57 EUR/child/night. Children under 7 years of age are exempt from paying the tourist tax.






Cancellations or modifications can be made free of charge up to 7 days before arrival (unless specified otherwise in our Special Offers terms). After that or in case of a no-show the whole amount of the reservation will be charged. Cancellations and/or modifications must be submitted in written form via e-mail.



Cancellations or modifications can be made free of charge up to 14 days before arrival (unless specified otherwise in our Special Offers terms). After that or in case of a no-show the whole amount of the reservation will be charged. Cancellations and/or modifications must be submitted in written form via e-mail.



This type of booking requires payment for the entirety of the reservation at the time of booking and is non-refundable. No changes or modifications are possible free of charge at any given time.



    Our Guesthouse declines all liability for late cancellations due to a higher order, unpredictable failures to comply with the rules, or other causes of force majeure such as natural events, disasters, and epidemics. Guests are advised to secure cancellation insurance with one of the insurance agencies as we do not refund when charged by the cancellation policy. This applies to all situations, also health.


    Our Guesthouse reserves the right to cancel a reservation if a pre-authorisation has failed or the stated amount has not been paid within the agreed period (i.e. upon arrival or at the time of booking, if the room has been booked at a Non-Refundable Rate). Exceptionally we can cancel the reservation for real reasons (for example: due to urgency, unpredictable repairs that prevent the unit from being used normally and safely, technical errors that occurred during the reservation process, the need to close the guesthouse or fraud or inaccurate data provided by the guest) or in a case of inappropriate behaviour of a potential guest.





Smoking inside any establishment is prohibited in Slovenia according to the legislation act Restriction on the Use of Tobacco and Related Products Act (Zakon o omejevanju uporabe tobačnih in povezanih izdelkov – ZOUTPI (Uradni list RS, št. 9/17 z dne 24. 2. 2017). Therefore, we ask guests to respect the fact that all our rooms are non-smoking rooms. We reserve the right to charge an exceptional flat-rate cleaning fee of 100,00 EUR for smoking in our rooms.





We are a pet-friendly accommodation, so we are glad to welcome you and your furry friend to our guesthouse. The charge is 10,00 EUR/pet/night. The additional fee covers the extra time and effort for cleaning the room after your visit as the next guests may suffer from allergies. Please, send us an inquiry for pets other than dogs or cats.


  • Guests are responsible for all property damage resulting from their pets;
  • Any disturbances such as barking or meowing must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced;
  • Pets should not remain in the room alone and unguarded as the service staff may need to enter;
  • To ensure the safety of our staff guests must contact the Front Desk to arrange a convenient time for servicing their room.





We strive to provide you with the best value possible, while at the same time remaining an eco-friendly guesthouse. Towards these goals, we offer housekeeping every second day — dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, cleaning the bathroom, and replenishing soap and toilet paper if needed. Also, we change towels every second day and bed linen every fifth day. Housekeeping will be happy to make your beds if all personal items are removed. You may, however, request fresh towels and linen whenever you want, regardless of our policy.


Important notice: general housekeeping may not be available during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please read carefully our Covid-19 guidelines for more information.






Our housekeeping staff and management reserve the right to enter a room for reasonable purposes, such as an emergency, housekeeping, maintenance, verifying that the room, its furnishings, and mechanical equipment are intact, or to address or prevent a violation of our Guesthouse Policies.



If needed a laptop-sized safe deposit box is available in each room for all guests, with instructions. Although the staff and management take responsible steps to ensure the safety and security of all guests and their possessions, guests retain final responsibility for their safety, their belongings and security.





We provide luggage storage free of charge for guests arriving at a time when rooms are not yet available and also for guests who have checked out but wish to collect their luggage later that same day.

Due to the Front Desk’s limited hours, we kindly ask you to arrange the storage of your luggage with the staff during check-in or the day before your scheduled check-out.





Our rooms are located in a building with other privately owned units. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect quiet hours. Televisions, voices, or other devices must be kept at a respectful low level at all times. Doors should be opened and closed quietly. No congregating in the hallway, running on the staircase, parties, loud disturbances and/or noise-nuisance are allowed or tolerated on these premises to ensure we can protect the property and our guests at all times. In the event of a disturbance, one polite request (warning) will be given to reduce the noise. If our request is not followed, you will be asked to leave our premises without a refund.





The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage to the guests’ property or personal injury that in any way occurs during the stay in our guesthouse (except for personal guests’ injuries that occur directly from the company’s gross negligence). The total liability of the company for damages does not exceed the value of the reservation amount.


If our guesthouse service has a disturbance or damage, the guesthouse will do its best to eliminate it as soon as possible, and the guest is obliged to contribute to the elimination of the disorder or to minimize the damage. If the guest, his or her guests, or any person for whom they are responsible causes damage to our guesthouse or its exterior, the guest is fully responsible for that damage, our guesthouse, however, disclaims any liability for injury that the guest might suffer in such a case.


Guests should respectably conduct themselves, not provide any disturbances to other guests, and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within Galeria River’s premises.


In case of a breach of our Guesthouse Policies, we reserve the right to forbid entry, remove the guest from the room and guesthouse, and claim compensation for damage caused. Our guesthouse also reserves the right and the guest authorizes it, to charge the credit submitted at the time of booking and/or check-in for any damage or theft of the item.





We reserve the right to amend, modify, change, cancel, or alter in any way these Guesthouse Policies or the arrangements and content featured on our Website at any time without prior notice. Please check our Website for updates to the Guesthouse Policies. Any modification to these Guesthouse Policies that may occur before your departure is considered a part of your reservation agreement with us.

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