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Foodies Paradise

Culinary Delights at Open Kitchen

Discover Slovenia’s favourite food market and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Every Friday, from mid-March until October, food and drink vendors from all corners of Ljubljana and Slovenia gather for Open Kitchen (or ‘Odprta Kuhna‘ as the locals call it).


This vibrant and diverse street food market, nestled in beautiful Pogačarjev trg, is a true gem in Ljubljana’s crown and yet another compelling reason to pay a visit to this city. Showcasing the finest eateries from across the country, it presents a variety of flavours that you simply cannot afford to miss out on.


There is often lively music and entertaining performances to create a vibrant atmosphere that brings smiles to the faces of all visitors.


In the event of bad weather conditions, the market may be called off, but otherwise, it remains open until sunset.


Be sure to check out some of our favourite dishes and eateries:


Indian Dosa

Namasté | Breg 8


Their genuine ingredients and authentic spices are truly delightful. We also love their clay tandoor oven upon which the chefs cook fresh roti and dosa. The process by which they are made is fascinating and the aromas are far too good to resist. The dosa is not only light and slightly crispy on the edges, but also incredibly delicious.


Thai Curry and Vietnamese Rolls

Shambala | Križevniška ulica 12


Restaurant Shambala’s stall offers delicious Vietnamese rolls that are expertly filled with tangy mango, papaya, glass noodles, fragrant coriander, and refreshing salad. These rolls are a delightful and crunchy treat, perfect for a quick snack. Additionally, for those who enjoy a fiery kick, Shambala’s renowned Thai curry is a must-try.


Slovenian Dumplings

Moji štruklji Slovenije | Adamič Lundrovo nabrežje 1


The bistro has given a modern twist to the traditional Slovenian dumplings called štruklji, making it trendy and appealing. Their commitment to using local and fresh ingredients is commendable, but what truly sets them apart is their innovative culinary concepts, ranging from chocolate štruklji to a variety of seasonal flavours. Be sure to try the strawberry or vanilla dumplings.


Explore Ljubljana with Us

If you're looking to discover Ljubljana, Galeria River is the perfect place to stay. Our location provides easy access to Ljubljana's top attractions and hidden gems. So stay with us and and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Unique properties

Stay in Slovenia's Top Destinations

We boast a collection of unique accommodations in Slovenia's most beautiful locations. Stay with us and experience the magic of Ljubljana, Piran, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj through Burja Hotels' hospitality.

Burja Hotels - Vila Alpina

A Green Retreat in Bled

Situated just a short walk from Lake Bled, Vila Alpina welcomes you for a relaxing experience.

Burja Hotels - Old Town Rooms Piran

Nestled in Piran's Heart

Old Town Rooms Piran offers the ideal setting for a great experience on the Slovenian Coast.


Unique Apartments

Experience the perfect blend of elegance and comfort behind the walls of Zois Mansion.

Burja Hotels - Vila Lipa

Budget-Friendly Bled

Chill-out vibes, a great location and unique style make Vila Lipa the smart choice for all travellers.

Burja Hotels - Galeria Rooms

Your Home in Ljubljana

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere at Galeria Rooms before embarking on your city adventures.


Amidst Stunning Views

Discover the wonders of Bohinj Valley while staying in the spacious rooms of Zotlar House.

Burja Hotels - Viva Rooms

An Exciting City Break

Centrally located Viva Rooms offers and ideal starting point for exploring Ljubljana.

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