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Foodies Paradise

Be inspired by Slovenia’s tastes

Our food is like Slovenia: diverse and interesting.

Ana Roš, Best Female Chef 2017 and EGR 2021 Ambassador


Be inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of Slovenian cuisine. Taste local, fresh ingredients and pristine flavours.

Boasting 24 distinct culinary regions, Slovenian cuisine has been slowly making its mark in the culinary world. Chefs like Ana Roš from Hiša Franko are putting their modern spins on traditional dishes and introducing what farm-to-table means in this stunning country. Slovenian gastronomy is based solely on fresh locally sourced ingredients and reflects unique regional variations of basically the same traditional foods, influenced by neighbouring countries. However, it is not all about diversity: Slovenian chefs emphasize sustainable food practices and carefully considered old-world techniques.


For visitors who travel around the globe to enjoy great food and wine Slovenia is becoming a big-hitting foodie hotspot.


Food lovers will discover the goods from mountain pastures of Alpine Slovenia, the flavours of salt and charcuterie aged by the Bora wind in Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia, the different farinaceous foods and bread of Pannonian Slovenia, and traditional dishes with cosmopolitan influences in Central Slovenia with Ljubljana.


Those who wish to sample these different tastes outside of restaurants can wander into the scene of Ljubljana’s Central Market. Not only is this a place to shop local produce, but it is also a place for the locals to meet and enjoy themselves together.


The Central Market consists of an open-air section with stands that offer fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, and Plečnik’s covered section, an architectural masterpiece of Ljubljana. The upper floor features small shops with Slovenian products, while the lower one houses a fish market with a small fish restaurant. Here you can also try homemade bread from a wood-burning oven, homemade biscuits and cakes, various cheeses, dried fruits and nuts, meat, and several meat products.


On Fridays from mid-March until the end of October, the Central Market gives the stage to the Open Kitchen, a weekly unique open-air food market with stalls from the city’s best restaurants and bars. A walk among these stalls offers a colourful mix of dishes prepared by top chefs. From home cooking to modern culinary masterpieces, and fresh ingredients sizzling in a heated pan, the Open Kitchen event pleasures all the senses and tastes.




Open-air section:
Weekdays 6:00-18:00 and Saturdays 6:00-16:00 during summer; from Monday to Saturday 6.00-16.00 in winter, Sundays and holidays closed.


Plečnik’s covered section:
Weekdays 7:00-16:00, Saturdays 7:00-14:00.



    Start discovering Ljubljana early in the morning and watch the city come alive. Ljubljana is known for its thriving cafè culture that easily rivals England’s afternoon tea or Sweden’s ‘Fika’ breaks. So head to Le Petit Cafè, one of Ljubljana’s cool cafes, and just a short walk from Galeria River. Order the kava smetana (thick Turkish style coffee with whipped cream on top) and enjoy some delicious eggs with truffles for breakfast.

    Later during the day, if your itinerary is full and you’re looking to get a quick but delicious lunch, Klobasarna is just a few steps away from the market. Although small, the place is very cosy, and the menu is delicious. Enjoy some traditional hot soup, and Carniolan sausages served with fresh bagels, mustard and horseradish. It is a place not to miss!


Explore Ljubljana with Us

If you're looking to discover Ljubljana, Galeria River is the perfect place to stay. Our location provides easy access to Ljubljana's top attractions and hidden gems. So stay with us and and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Unique properties

Stay in Slovenia's Top Destinations

We boast a collection of unique accommodations in Slovenia's most beautiful locations. Stay with us and experience the magic of Ljubljana, Piran, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj through Burja Hotels' hospitality.

Burja Hotels - Vila Alpina

A Green Retreat in Bled

Situated just a short walk from stunning Lake Bled, Vila Alpina welcomes you for a treasurable stay.

Burja Hotels - Old Town Rooms Piran

Nestled in Piran's Heart

Nestled in a narrow street, Old Town Rooms Piran offers the perfect setting to enjoy an autenthic experience.


Urban Comfort in Ljubljana

Comfort is never underestimated with us. Discover your secluded urban retreat behind the walls of Zois Mansion.

Burja Hotels - Vila Lipa

Bled for the Savvy Ones

Chill-out vibes, a great location and unique style make Vila Lipa the perfect choice for all savvy travellers.

Burja Hotels - Galeria Rooms

Your Home in Ljubljana

Galeria Rooms provides a homely environment where you can rest and get ready to explore the city.


Amidst Stunning Views

Spend unforgattable hours in Zotlar House's modern and spacious rooms, in the heart of Bohinj Valley.

Burja Hotels - Viva Rooms

A Perfect City Break

Just steps away from Prešeren Square, Viva Rooms gives you the perfect opportunity to discover Ljubljana.

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